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Welcome to the Milwaukee Justice Center's Mobile Legal Clinic webpage. 

The Mobile Legal Clinic is a project of the Marquette University Law School and the Milwaukee Bar Association.  Its goal is to bring the free legal services provided by the Milwaukee Justice Center (which are typically provided in person out of their location at the Milwaukee County Courthouse) out into neighborhoods in the community where it may be difficult for people to receive help.  

The work of the Mobile Legal Clinic is divided into two main categories: (1) criminal record assistance through the Expungement/Pardon clinics, and (2) assistance on civil/family matters (including estate planning and eviction records) through the Brief Civil/Family Legal Advice clinics.  Click on the buttons below for more information on each area of assistance.

For more information on the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinics (MVLC), including other locations/hours and services, click on the button below. (Note: The MVLC does NOT assist with criminal questions)

How we can Help you

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